Completion of Server Upgrades
12/8/2015 PF Support

The final phase of the server upgrades will be done on December 16th at 6PM Pacific. We expect a short period of intermittent downtime while the DNS propagates. Though we are doing our best to ensure no issues, we anticipate that there may be some isolated issues when we completely cut over to the new servers.

There should not be any issues with your website, but if your domain name servers have been pointed to us, there could be some issues with FTP and/or email or access to a 3rd party application. If you notice any issues please report them via the support ticket system or call support to get these rectified. We have a short window of opportunity to make corrections so please report any issues you see as soon as possible.

We apologize, in advance, for any inconvenience you may experience.

We thank you for your patience during these server upgrades.

~ PF Support ~

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