Mail Server Issues
6/16/2016 PFSupport

8:25 AM Pacific. Incoming and Outgoing email is working again. Email is being restored from our spool servers. This should be completed shortly. All systems appear to be working as expected. There was a bad switch at the data center that was causing limited availability to the mail servers. This switch was replaced and the server rebooted.

At 7:42 AM Pacific, our mail servers went offline and we are unable to connect to them. We are experiencing data center issues and will report as soon as we can determine the cause of the issue.

Once we determine the cause, we can provide an update on when we believe the issue will be resolved.

No email should be lost while we are offline, as email should be being spooled at a different location. Depending on how long the servers are unavailable will determine the backlog of spooled messages.

We thank you for your patience.

PF Support

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