Sites not loading issue
1/24/2019 ProFusion Support

A number of sites are not loading. We use LiteSpeed, but for some unknown reason the LiteSpeed license did not renew, causing the server to revert to Apache. This caused some unknown issues on a number of sites. We are working or resolving those issues and will report on cause and fix when we have completed the analysis and resolution phases.

The sites are back up. The issue was a license that did not auto-renew as it was supposed to and the server reverted to Apache Web Server the default Web server for Linux servers. We use a premium web server called LiteSpeed.  
We had to re-install and configure LiteSpeed and then reboot the server.

The sites are now working as expected. Load times on the sites may be a bit slower than normal for a short period of time while the LiteSpeed cache reconfigures.

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