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How do I connect my phone to my email account?

Last Updated 2 years ago

The exact process varies based on the phone type and version, however the basic steps are the same for all phones. Your phone requires some basic information in order to connect to the mail server. Information like connection type, server name, username, authentication type, email password and port numbers.

You will need the following information to connect your phone to your SmarterMail account:

  1. Open your email client on your phone
  2. From tools, click on Account Settings
  3. Click on New
  4. Select Other/IMAP/POP 3 and click next
  5. Type in your name, email address and password. 
  6. Authentication must be selected and is by: "Password"
  7. Your incoming and outgoing mail servers are the same. Enter SAFESECUREWEBMAIL.COM when asked for server name.
  8. Click on More/Advanced Settings…and check your INCOMING and OUTGOING port settings. These will be different depending on whether you are connecting via POP3 or IMAP and whether you wish to connect securely (encrypted messages to and from the mail server to your device) or unsecurely. If connecting securely, make sure you select "SSL" for type of connection. For unsecure connection select: None.

POP3 Secure Connection - Connection type: SSL
Incoming: 995
Outgoing: 465

POP3 Unsecure Connection - Connection type: None
Incoming: 110
Outgoing: 587 or 25

IMAP Secure Connection - Connection type: SSL
Incoming: 993
Outgoing: 465

IMAP Unsecure Connection - Connection type: None
Incoming: 143
Outgoing: 587 or 25

Then click test account settings. If you don’t connect, go back and make sure you have spelled everything correctly. Also check to make sure that your port settings have not reverted to the default port settings.

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