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Do I have to host with ProFusion Hosting?

Last Updated 2 years ago

Yes, and No, depending on the platform. Our prices include certain features and functions that allow our sites to work the way they do.

Websites built using ProFusion Web Builder require hosting with us as this application uses a hosted editor available to all hosted clients. You edit a copy of your site and then publish the edits as opposed to working on the actual live site. This allows us to enhance and add features to the application that immediately become available to all users of the system, but also requires that the site cannot be hosted elsewhere.

Ultra Internet Solution (UIS) sites do not require us to host them, but they do require a one-time third-party hosting fee of $300 and the hosting provider must be able to provide Windows hosting and access to Microsoft SQL Server database application.

WordPress sites can be moved to whatever hosting provider you choose, however access to our premium theme, editor, and some of the included plugins will require you to license them and keep them current in order to update the applications. We provide over $400 worth of premium applications at no additional charge with our Managed Hosting.These can add up to thousands of dollars of additional fees over the lifetime of the website.

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