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ProFusion Products Name Servers

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The name servers link your domain name with your website, similar to how a phone book links your name to a phone number. Every domain name is required to point to at least 2 name servers.

What are the names of ProFusion Products' Name Servers?
The name servers listed below are to be used by all ProFusion Products customer who host at ProFusion Hosting. These nameservers are based on the type of application you have hosted with us.

Ultra Internet Solutions (UIS) Sites, HTML sites, generic PHP based sites:

WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress sites


We do not provide direct access to our Name Servers. If you need to make a change, add or remove a Zone Record, please contact us to discuss the change you need done and we will make those changes for you at no charge. Changes to zone records could take up to 72 hours to reflect across all DNS providers across the Internet, however most changes will be reflected within a few minutes of making the change.

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